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Say Caller Name + Talker

Desarrollador Attila.Varga
2.21 usd

Say Caller Name + advises you, who tries to get in touch with you, so that you not even take a look on your smartphone. Due to numerious possibilities you can customize the app in a wide range.Functions• Speak name of the caller• Speak SMS (Hangouts-SMS too)• Speak Google Mail• Speak events and appointments• Speak Hangouts• Speak WhatsApp• Speak Facebook Messenger• Speak Aqua Mail• Speak Type Mail• Speak GMX Mail• Speak Web.DE Mail• Speak Kaiten Mail• Speak K9 Mail• Speak Threema• Speak name of a LINE caller• Beautiful and simple design• Language support for English and German• Quiet times to stop announcement in specific time ranges• Possibility to define custom announcements for contacts (excludes Thrid-Parties)• Bluetooth support; this function may not work with all Bluetooth devices• Quick access widgets• and much moreImportant Notes• It is highly recommended to use the Google Text To Speech Engine.• Other Applications that uses the system’s text to speech engine can make trouble within the app.PermissionsREAD_CONTACTS → need to define custom messages for contacts READ_PHONE_STATE → need to detect callsRECEIVE_SMS → need to detect smsMODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS → need to enabled Bluetooth featureBLUETOOTH → need to enabled Bluetooth featureBLUETOOTH_ADMIN → need to enabled Bluetooth featureBROADCAST_STICKY → need to enabled Bluetooth featureRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED → need to autostartACCESS_NETWORK_STATE → need to check licenseCHECK_LICENSE → need to check licenseACCESS_WIFI_STATE → need for announcement limitationsCHANGE_WIFI_STATE → need for announcement limitationsSupport Attila Varga 2014-2015